Final 48 hours!! Let's boooost!

It's crazy butt true, we're now in the final stretch for our Kickstarter

This month has flown by. We've made so many new friends, got our first demo into the hands of thousands of folk worldwide, with nearly 10k raised so far. The support has been unbelievable! We're now just over 60% funded, and with your support we can make it the full 100!

Now's the time to boost the final stretch and help the world embrace the power of the butt! We've got some fun add-ons, rewards for referring friends and even a mega tier to get you and 3 friends as playable characters in the game (plus you get our developers beard - see our top tier, "Beard Backer")

The heat is on for the final 48 hrs!

We want more than anything to be able finish and share our weird underpants-based game with the world. We hope you can hoist up your undies for the final 48 hours and give us a mega butt-em-up boost. We'll be boosting right along side you!

Let's do this!


Brief Battles Kickstarter Alpha Demo 676 MB
Nov 08, 2017

Get Brief Battles (Demo)

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